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The group Nigôlo is active two projects in the city of Morro do Chapéu, in the Chapada Diamantina in the interior of the state Bahia of Brasil. Both projects are realized through the efforts of Mestre Lua Santana: The first one, "Oca da Minhoca" is a social projects with children from the poorer parts of the city Morro do Chapéu. The second one, "Herbárium" aims at preserving the natural biodiversity of the region.

The group Nigôlo in Munich supports the two projects and is grateful for any donation. Our account is:

Nigolo e.V.
Konto 1000285435
BLZ 70150000
(Sparkasse München)


Oca da Mionhoca

The project "Minhoca" involves about 100 children of one of the poorer parts of the city Morro de Chapéu and few teachers. The projects addresses by means of Art-Education the unjust situation of social exclusion with emphasis on the integrative development of the personality. The various activities include ceramics, a percussion band, a dancing group, capoeira, ... and frequent field trips and performances. The project "Minhoca" exists since 1986 and is supported by the Brasil-Initiative de Nürnberg, Germany since the very beginning. Besides many private donators, also the "One-world shops" of Bayreuth and Freising contribute to the project... Last year, the "Oca da Minhoca" was officially acknowledged and chosen for support in the frame of the "Ponte da cultura" program in Brasil.


The project "Herbarium" has the objective to create a place for the protection of the enormous biodiversity of the region, especially of the forests. Until now were bought 40 hectares (1991), of which a large part is already reforested with dense forest, maintained and enlarged by continuous work. One of the next steps is to reach a legal status of protection for this area.

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