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X-mas Card 2010 - 1 Euro for the Oca da Minhoca

This year, again, the artist Susanne Hanus remains dedicated to Nigolo and the children's project Oca da Minhoca - designed the 3rd X-mas-Card in a row. The card is made in high quality paper and can be obtained contacting us. Price is 1 Euro.

The money goes 100% to the project Oca da Minhoca, as print costs are covered by Nigolo e.V.

Weihnachtskarte 2010

The most recent photos of the work in the project can be seen on: or

Susanne Hanus studied fine arts in Berlin, Glasgow and Dresden. She received her diploma at the Dresden school of arts with professor Martin Honoret. She recently won the Robert-Sterl and the Leonard and Ida Wolf award.

Lua Santana

Mestre Lua Santana invited to Munich in June-August 2010

After 2 years, Mestre Lua Santana from Bahia/ Brasil, visited Munich and Europe again. He teaches Capoeira Angola in Bahia and leads the children's project Oca da Minhoca in Morro do Chapeau. Lua Santana is the founder of Capoeira Angola in Munich, and remains loyal to his group Nigolo and his friends in Europa.


Capoeira Trainings-Plan:

Capoeira Training Mar 2009

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