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Weihnachtskarte 2009

Christmas Card 2009 - 1 Euro for the Oca da Minhoca

Also in 2009, the Christmas card designed by Susanne Hanus, rendered more than 1000 € which where donated to the project as print costs are covered by Nigolo e.V.

Workshop Mestre Indio

Capoeira-Workshop with Mestre Indio, 11.-13.Sept. in Munich

A small and intensive3-day workshop with a large Opening-Roda friday evening. After a training full of energy on Saturday and Sunday it was left to us to cure the sour muscles. We thank Mestre Indio for the intensive weekend and our guests (from Finland and Italy) for their long journey to participate.

Annual member reunion on 05.04.2009

The Munich Nigôlo group summarises the activities ín the first year of its foundation. Capoeira Angola has made good advances under our trainer Luca, and of course through the training with Mestre Lua. The Forro dance-nights at the Giesinger Bahnhof receive good resonance at friends and interested ones. Until 27.Feb. 3200 € donations were collected for the 'Oca da Minhoca' project in Brasil. Especially successful were the Christmas-cards, the books' flee market through Helga and the show at the Street-festival in Giesing. Also, the Brasilian side has gained reputation and participates in the programme 'Ponte da Cultura'.

The year 2008

2008 was a year full of events. After the foundation of the Nigôlo e.V. in Munich in December 2007, already in May 2008 its charity-basis was officially acknowledged. We are glad that our Capoeira group is growing, not only in number of members but also in terms of Capoeira-quality.
Besides many small events the highlight in 2008 was surely the visit of Lua Santana who leads the projects “Oca da Minhoca” and “Herbarium” in Brasil, to Germany and Munich. Also in Brasil the efforts have been rewarded. Having won a call on social projects the “Oca da Minhoca” will also receive some support from the state of Bahia.
We thank all our friends and donators. You have contributed substantially to the future of the projects. Our latest campaign, the Christmas card selling has been a full success.

All our best for 2009 – yours Nigoˆlos

Christmas cards 2008

Our annual Christmas card fund raising for the project „Oca de Minhoca“ in Bahia, Brasil, was designed this year by the artist Susanne Hanus (winner of the award “Leonhard und Ida Wolf Gedächtnispreis”). The costs of 1 € per card are directly donated to the project.


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